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Motosharing Barcelona by Ibarlucea (115)


Are you going to visit Barcelona? If you do not want to queue and suffer the extremely crowded public transport… Your choice is convenience and freedom, your choice is Motit.

Welcome to Barcelona and welcome to the Motit Experience!

We propose you 6 tours to go over the essentials of Barcelona that will also give you enough time to unveil Barcelona at your leisure.

They are not only tailor made Barcelona tours but tailor made Barcelona ECOTOURS!

Motit brings the sustainable tourism experience in Barcelona.

You can start the tour wherever you want locating the closest motorbike from your position through the smartphone app. And what about the helmets? Do not worry about that, you will find 2 motit helmets in the trunk 😉

Take your Motit and let its GPS Navigator lead you through the most important points of interest of Barcelona. From the emblematic Sagrada Familia in the Gaudí tour until the darkest secrets of the city in the Gothic Tour. You just have to chose one tour or more and discover Barcelona freely!

The Barcelona Ecotourism starts with Motit, Will you miss it?



Motosharing Barcelona By Barbara (46)

Motit Tour


Our GPS navigator will lead you through the secrets and symbolic places of the city. Which tour are you going to choose?

Gaudí Tour

Unveil the secrets of the main buildings of one of the most important Barcelona architects. The talented Antoni Gaudí was an international Modernism icon. He was inspired by the christian message and nature, from which he conceived a great number of his structural proposals.

Maximum tour duration: 6 hours

36 €

Poblenou Tour

Poblenou turns its gaze proudly to the sea, satisfied to have it close by having left its industrial past and the harsh living conditions behind. The industrial legacy can still be observed in its streets and building but, at the same time, the quarter has adapted to modern times in a process of renovation that commenced with the 1992 Olympic Games.

Maximum tour duration: 5 hours

30 €

Montjuïc Tour

The Parc de Montjuïc occupies a vast swathe of the imposing hill overlooking the port, offering a plethora of green areas and gardens, museums and cultural attractions, sports facilities and Olympic sites. Montjuïc speaks to us about the history and life of a hill that has helped define Barcelona’s personality.

Maximum tour duration: 3 hours

18 €

Picasso Tour

The painter, who was from Malaga, arrived in Barcelona when he was only 14. Picasso donated a large number of his works to Barcelona, which can be seen today at the city’s Museu Picasso.

Maximum tour duration: 3 hours

18 €

Roman Barcelona Tour

Get ready for the surprising Roman Barcelona where you will discover archaeological remains dating from the time the city was established. Barcino, the Roman city founded in the 1st century BC, has left us a valuable legacy, which you will find in the Gothic Quarter, the site of the early walled city.

Maximum tour duration: 4 hours

24 €

Gothic Quarter Tour

Barcelona Gothic Quarter is a mix of the early Roman city of Barcino and the medieval town with palazzos, mansions and Gothic churches. It is the ‘heart of Barcelona’, a neighbourhood where the splendour of the historic part coexists with the vibrancy of the present.

Maximum tour duration: 4 hours

24 €

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