Reaching the myth of seamless urban mobility

Motit World

Providing full integrated solutions for sustainable mobility


Optimising and increasing transport efficiency

Multimodal solutions, public and private transport service integration

Promoting changes on transport demand

B2C and B2B sharing vehicles with last mile solutions

Based on innovative concepts and solutions

being part of European projects


Solutions designed to ensure maximum fleet availability, measured in terms of km/year

(medium time/trip)

Facilitating the user selection of the most effective options in terms of average travel time

CO2 emissions / year

Integrating all types of electric vehicles, adapted to all the user needs, that minimize the carbon print

(% point to point trips)

Mobility solutions adapted to the different user needs by increasing the % of door-to-door travel

(Medium cost/trip)

Supporting business models focused on optimizing the average cost per km travelled

Leading innovation in mobility

  • EV’s
  • Micromobility
  • Last mile solutions
  • B2B

Collaboration and integration of the best professionals, together with a huge variety of solutions, is part of our DNA. Our internal resources and international network allow us to cover all the expertise areas, compulsory for the implementation of advanced mobility services. From an industrial design to optimized fleet management, along with innovative business models looking for their international implementation, directly or through franchise agreements.


About us

As a pioneering company, MotitWorld designed and  introduced in Spain new business models for a smarter urban mobility.

Motitworld was the first company deploying a scooter sharing service in Spain, together with Scoot (San Francisco), world pioneers, and first mover in electric delivery fleets.

Our team has more than 12 years of experience on electric vehicles and innovative solutions, both in terms of products and business models:

  • First connected scooter
  • Battery swapping
  • Navigation integrated for two wheels
  • Corporate car sharing – Iberdrola
  • First moto-sharing (station-based & round-trip)
  • First movers on free-floating moto-sharing in Barcelona.

# 6 #
Innovative national and international projects


C/ Resina, 13-15. Planta 3 – Nave 19
28021 – Madrid (Spain)

+34 690 681 218


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